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I have a customer asking me to set all Solaris (10) and Widows (2003) server network cards to hardcode to 1GIG Full Duplex setting  instead of auto negotiate.  I'm a two questions regarding this.

      1. I thought the IEEE stands for gig was to be set only to auto negotiate? Has this changed?
      2. Does  anyone have the proper syntax to create a proper ce.conf file to do this on Solaris 10?
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You have to check whether such an option is available.
ndd /dev/<cardtype> ?
see whether you have an option to set 1000 FD for the instance
ndd /dev/<cardtype> instance <card>
ndd /dev/<cardtype> set adv_1000fdx_cap=1
ndd /dev/<cardtype> set <the other parameters>=0 #repeat as needed

in your case it will match the link <cardtype> replaced with ce
Yes, IEEE 8023z does not specifically define a way to turn auto negotiation off.
For gigabit, duplex and flow control are negotiated. Assume negotiation is turned off when you set the speed/full duplex then flow control is not an option.
Best practice is to have devices set to Auto-Negotiate.
LittlemorrisAuthor Commented:
Arnold: So, your saying that if the nic card can handel the ndd command we should be ok to do this. Am I assuming this correctly?

Frabble: just to recap -
The IEEE standards only supports auto-neg.
If we don't do auto-neg with lose the flow control option.

Yes, as long as the network interface and the switch to which it is connected support these hard setting, it should work.
You could exclude adv_10*_cap adv_100*_cap by setting them to 0 and only leaving adv_1000*_cap and adv_autoneg equaling 1 on the Solaris, the problem is whether the switch has the same types of options i.e. autonegotiate, but only under these parameters, i.e 1gig speed. You will retain flow control while achieving the connection rates the customer asked for and wants.

The only issues I've seen with fixed speeds, dealt with systems with fixed interfaces being plugged into unmanaged switches.  This combination within a week will cause the switch to stop responding until the switches are power cycled (no network traffic passes).

LittlemorrisAuthor Commented:
You guys rock. Thanks again!
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