Oracle CLOB and Store entire PDF in Table


I am new to working with Oracle Text and CLOBs, but I have read much of the Oracle documentation regarding Oracle Text but just have one issue I cannot get my head around. Currently I use Toad 10.6 and Oracle 11g R1.

I have a single PDF file that I would like to upload and store in a table. After that I would like for Oracle Text to index the contents of the file. I understand the index portion but I cannot seem to figure out how to upload that entire PDF and store it into the table.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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A PDF would be stored in a BLOB,  rather than a CLOB.

If you extracted all the text you could store that in a CLOB though.
mjfigurAuthor Commented:
Ok great thanks what would I need to do to store it in a BLOB?
why would you want to store the .pdf in a database?

if you use it again on the interent you will have to reformat again....I am assuming your are using for internet in a web server....then store the the file path in the database...that way download to client will be much faster...
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using Toad you can browse your table in the schema browser, double click on the blob column and it will bring up a window with an option to load a file into the blob contents.

I don't know that Oracle Text will work with the blob contents though, but that's not my strongest area.  I'll let other experts chime in on that particular aspect of your question
mjfigurAuthor Commented:
Thank you for you help that makes sense to store it on a web server so that it can be referenced at a later time and just store the URL. I have a meeting today about the search requirements so will update with additional questions I am sure
mjfigurAuthor Commented:
Actually just thought of another question. Rather than upload the entire file if I just extract the text and place it into a CLOB what is the best way to extract a PDF but attempt to keep the formatting? XML? HTML? and how would you go about doing that?
if you extract the text you can't regenerate the original pdf with formatting,  you could possibly create a new one though there are pl/sql packages for creating pdf files.  The results may or may not look like the original.  If the original has an embedded charts, images or other non-text content it will be lost.

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mjfigurAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your help this was a major assistance.
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