Adding video to a websites homepage.

Have a site "" which takes you to index.php home page. I have the task of adding the video to the website. The video is a wmv 26.7 MB 640X360 Frame Width / Height Respectively. I can access the index.php file but im looking for suggestions of how to code this in and best place for it. I was thinking of a small box with a play button like i see on some sites..but dont know anything about php coding. I have backed up the index.php file by renaming it in case i have to revert to it should i make a mistake.
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if you don't know will about php coding, you can add video by using beautiful ajax effect and easy to use.

it's a free software make a video code for you, please see this example video:

you can create ajax code like the example you watch simply just download: Video LightBox here:

and you can add video to your website with stylish popup video effect.

also you can see demo in video light box website.

You can upload it to youtube or vimeo and use their embedding code.
You should use GET command to embed wmv video on your php page.
look at this:

i'm sure you'll be OK with that, if you have backed up index.php just copy and past and change the code according to your needs, your should create a directory under your website and upload the wmv file there, let say the location in the code will be <param name="filename" value="/wmv/yourmovie.wmv">  ..
also see here:

 if not you have a much wider definition here:

ShotgunGaperAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention if theres a way to make the video pop up in the 640X360 dimensions since if its too large it messes up the width of the webpage.
ShotgunGaperAuthor Commented:
Excellent easy to understand with the comments in the code and beautiful result. Thanks
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