Capture number of records impacted by access action query

I have an access 2003 application that has over 100 queries

at the request of the user I have turned off the query notification messages

but I would still like to display a message if one of the insert or update queries has zero rows

is it possible to capture the number of records impacted by a query in access vba?

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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
look at the RecordsAffected property (dao)
in VBA help, type RecordsAffected
there is also an example from the help file

or see  this link
Don ThomsonCommented:
You could just run a select query on a numberic field  first - then if the value of "Count" on any numberic field =0 pop up a message box, then run the update or append query as you normally would - You could do it with VBA code by try running it in a macro first until you know you are working, then convert the queries and mactros to VBA code
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