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We have a training center of 15 PCs. We must do a cleanup and reinstall after each training course. Sometimes we use Clonning software to speed the process of rebuilding the PCs. Is there an easier way to create images and re-load these images on the 15 pcs so that the rebuilding task can eliminated?

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Is it possible to set them up as terminals and use a terminal server.  All your sessions would be on the server and easy enough to set a default session and modify it with policies.  You could choose if they could write data inside the session or not.

which really does stop EVERYTHING from changing your PC be it Viruses, Trojans, rogue programs, accidental deletion etc. The list goes on, it really is the only thing I know which completely protects your PC and leaves it in the pristine state you meant it to be in.

    Any changes made on a PC are discarded at the next boot up and though I've been using it for some time now I cannot fault it. There are only two modes to the program which are 'Deep Freeze' and 'Thawed'. You choose the 'Thawed' mode when you want to make changes to your PC or install programs, the rest of the time just keep it in 'Deep Freeze' for complete peace of mind. It couldn't be simpler to use and you can assign a password to the program so no one else can interfere with it.

      You have to decide at installation time which drives you want to protect. In my opinion it is enough to protect Drive C: as this is where the vast number of problems arise. Also the GUI is invoked by pressing the Shift key and double clicking the icon on the Taskbar. Here you simply choose the mode 'Deep Freeze or 'Thawed', click OK then restart your computer. Check it out here

or use a reborn card - it resets everything  at boot :
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