Upgrading Sql Server 2008 to R2 in a live environment

Hi Folks,

I have 5 production servers that have to be upgraded tomorrow morning out of hours. I would like to get it done quick so can you guide me on any problems or other experience that might help ?

I'm assuming I should just backup and then run the R2 setup program as opposed to backing up, removing sql, installing r2, restoring dbs - does that sound like a better approach ?

Each DB has between 5 and 20 customer databases in it. I can script all the backups etc no problem.

I would like to know if you've experienced any issues doing this or anything else I should prepare for.

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The databases from 2008 load up with no changes in R2.  I recently ran upgrade in place on my servers with no problems.
Som TripathiDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I have upgraded to r2 without any problems. As you are doing in place  upgrade make sure you backup system databases also just for safety.
plqAuthor Commented:
Worked perfectly ! Took ages to do, but no problems.. thanks for helping
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