Exchange 2010 .edb file keeps increrasing by 600 MB everyday.

rogersharma used Ask the Experts™
It cannot be the user mailboxes as the size is always almost 600 MB. has anynone faced this issue before??
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Ensure that if you have any file level AV it is not scanning the exchange files like .EDB .log .chk etc.

Check your event log for a 1221 event to ensure that the online database defrag is running every night


Thanks for the the update. we are running McAfee Antivirus and I just noticed that .edb file was not in the exclusion list. I have added it, but why will it cause the file to grow even if it is scanned by the anti-virus?

If the EDB is always being scanned by AV then you will probably find that your online maintenance is not running properly and therefore not marking any space in the database as re-usable and therefore the DB will just consume more and more disk space
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Thanks a million.

I will keep an eye on it and will let you know by Monday if it made any improvement. Is it a security threat if the .edb file is excluded?
No antivirus program is going to find or fix a virus in the raw edb file. No threat to exclude this. It is actually a Microsoft best practice.


Thanks a lot.
Will chat on Monday.
Have a great weekend.

Also if it deletes or quarantines a log file before the DB has played it in, the DB will dismount. There is a MS article somewhere that tells you what to exclude.

as the others have said there could be several reasons for this happening i.e.

1. Mailbox Moves and in some cases stuck/looping pending moves can cause this to happen

2. Automated mailings, i.e. if you have someone sending out large mail blast

3. Spam

4. 3rd party integration, i.e. if you are using a CRM system with an outlook plugin it can cause issues.  I know there was an issue with MS CRM Dynamics that caused this in the past

5. Devices gone wild like BES servers but more recently there has been a rash of incidents regarding  iPhones etc

If you want to see if the problem is coming from an internal Device/Machine you can use one of the following

MS USER MONITOR: and here is a link on how to use it

And of course if you want to rollup your sleeves and look at the log details this is a great article.


Hi All,

the problem still persitsts.

How do i know if the if the white spcaces are being utilized or not in online defragmentation.


1. is your online maintenance completing?

2. Do you only have the one database?

3. Did you use the suggestions above to monitor the users and also review the logs for details?

4. Is the database it self increasing by 600 MB each day?

5. How many users?

6. AV Checks out?  You are not using MS CRM?,  iPhones, Bes??



1. is your online maintenance completing?  Yes

2. Do you only have the one database? Yes.

3. Did you use the suggestions above to monitor the users and also review the logs for details? Yes

4. Is the database it self increasing by 600 MB each day? Yes.

5. How many users? 98. But adding all the mailbox sizes is inl aroung 50 GB while the .edb file is 60.5 GB right now.

6. AV Checks out?  You are not using MS CRM?,  iPhones, Bes?? yes we are running bes server.


1. its a bit large but not terrible, i.e. you will always have about 10% slack space.

2. how are you figuring out the space thats in use?  You could run something like this Get-MailboxStatistics -Server SERVERNAME | Sort-Object TotalItemSize | ft DisplayName,TotalItemSize > C:\Size.txt and then import that into Excel and do the math and see what it comes out at

3. Have you kept track of daily DB sizes?

4. Did the User Monitor turn up any users/accounts as being extra active?

5. What service pack are you running on the 2010 server, i.e. SP and Rollups?  NOTE: SP1 RU3 was pulled because it was sending duplicates of messages on BES servers.

6. BTW just to clarify that this the EDB actually getting bigger on disk and not that  your disk space getting less?   i.e. if its the disk space getting less and less then perhaps the logs are growing and not being truncated by the backup??

You can also check white space with Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | Select Servername, Name, AvailableNewMailboxSpace

So out of curiosity what was the actual issue/resolution?

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