Netgear DGN1000 and Public IPs

Hi all,

We currently have a DGN1000 handling the internet connection for our office. Obviously this sits on our first public IP. We have a server handling the DHCP for the network.

However, with our connection we do have a block of public IPs. I'd like to begin using the 2nd one for another network/service. Is it possible within the Netgear to route the 2nd public IP to this device and having this routed ok without changing the LAN settings of the Netgear?

If not what would be the best/simplest way to achieve this?

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I'm pretty sure you can do it, but let me understand what exactly you are trying to do.
What do you mean by adding "another network/service". I ask this because it could mean many many different things. Usually when people use the second PUBLIC IP address they have specific reasons and requirements.
PlaiceAuthor Commented:
What we'd like to do is have a separate network behind the second public IP with a firewall on the IP handling traffic through to that network.
What you want to do is completely possible but not with that Netgear that you got. You need a more sophisticated router that has two interfaces. Because each network is seperate form one another each is going to be a different network.

Will these networks talk to each other?

This is my understanding:

Public IP 1: x.x.x.10 ------> internal network /24
Public IP 2: x.x.x.11-------> internal network /24

is this what you are trying to accomplish?
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PlaiceAuthor Commented:
Yes your understanding is correct.

There's no need for the networks to talk to each other although it might be a nice addition.
You have one issue that's keeping you from doing what you want to do.
You internet service provide is giving you several public IP addresses, but they only bring in one physical connection. You can't do that unless they give you the second connection.

You can't do what you want to do. At this moment even having an expensive sophisticated router might not even be a solution.

Now here is something close to what you want to do which requires an advanced router such as Cisco with an ADSL ad-on card. Your ad-on DSL card (usually called WIC cards) will do the same as your NETGEAR does which will connect your router to the internet. HERE IS WHERE the Cisco part kicks in: Any Cisco router has two Ethernet interfaces. Each one will be a separate network just like you wanted it. Each network is separate, but at the same time they can talk to each other

to summarize it:

Public IP --------> Cisco Router ______  Internal Network 1:
                                                \______ Internal Network 2:

and you have 100% control of what goes on in these two networks and how they talk to each other and even more specifically which computer ha access to one network and which does not. And you do this from one central router.

A regular Cisco 1841 is about $300 on Ebay

and the ADSL card is about $45:
PlaiceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help with this.

We ended up using a Draytek unit that has the ability to setup two LAN ranges. One for NAT usage and one for routing. This allowed us to add a second device on our 2nd public IP.

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PlaiceAuthor Commented:
Resolved issue with oure solution in the end.
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