outlook 2007 not working, error code x80040154

From 3 identical XP computers at a particular office, outlook 2007 doesn't work.  I can set up ANY email address and I get the exact same error:

Unknown error: 0x80040154

If I, from my own laptop (win 7) try to retrieve my outlook email here, it works fine, even though I'm also using outlook 2007 configured exactly the same (even down to the same email address)!

The only one thing I can even think that might cause any problems is that OFFICE 2003 is still installed on the computer.  Is there any way a previous install of office (outlook 2003) could somehow be interfering with outlook 2007?  I can try removing the old install but dont want to unless I know for sure that this will do the trick because they are still using Access 2003 due to an issue in Access 2007.  

Any other ideas how 3 computers could all have the same bizarre issue?
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Brian GeeCommented:
Try running all Windows Updates to see if this helps with the issue...
Dav GrayIT ManagerCommented:
Hi mignonnedavis,

Microsoft Outlook error '0x80040154', is one of the most common errors that you receive when sending or receiving an e-mail message. In Outlook, this error appears, prefixed with 'unknown error' and requires Outlook Inbox Repair steps.

Error '0x80040154' generally occurs because of unregistered file(s) or some registry corruption issues. This problem may root from inetcomm.dll file. Here are some common solutions that can help you isolate the given problem:

1. First, you need to click 'Start' and then 'Run'.

2. Next, type 'regsvr32 inetcomm.dll' and restart your computer.

3. Then you can start Outlook and see if the problem goes away. In that case, you can stop here as the problem was due to an unregistered inetcomm.dll file.

4. If the problem persists, you should restart your computer in 'Safe Mode with Networking' and then start MS Outlook. In case, this method works for you, the problem is related to a conflicting program or a virus. So, you need to uninstall the problematic program and/or run an antivirus software.

5. If the above method also fails, you should remove the Outlook profile you use, after backing up all the e-mail folders and settings. You can either delete the profile or add a new one. Next, you can setup a new account and later import old folders.

6. In case, the issue still persists, you should try repairing Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook. If this doesn't work, you can reinstall MS Outlook. Make sure that you backup your PST and settings first.

However, if MS Outlook is damaged as a result of corrupted PST, the above methods will not work. This is because when you reinstall or repair Outlook, the old PST file(s) are not deleted. Thus, you need to repair them using inbox repair or PST Repair tools.


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mignonnedavisAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Since Outlook was never used on any of these computers before, there's no risk of damaging any PST files, since there aren't any!  I will try all suggestions although it still seems weird to me that this is happening on all 3 computers at one site, all of which never used Outlook before.  I had already tried running the Office repair and it doesn't make any difference.  Won't be at client's office till late next week at the soonest, but will report back then.  
mignonnedavisAuthor Commented:
reinstalling outlook 2007 worked
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