Sharepoint 2010 Dataview view styles choices


 In SharePoint 2003 there was a handy dataview style called Horizontal. Basically it allowed data to be displayed horizontally.    It looked like this.


To get to it I could change the Layout in the Data View properties and select it. The Description was as follows.  “The horizontal list of titles styles shows the titles for all the items n the list separated by commas on the single line.”

I can’t find this view style in 2010 when I click the Design tab on the ribbon.   Is this a classic example of “Microsoft giveth and Microsoft taketh away” just to make my life miserable?  Or is there another way to accomplish this.?   Do I have to load more views? If so how?

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Have you tried the datagrid view?  

How about using Content Query Webpart to change the formatting?
EpistrophyAuthor Commented:
I found how to get to the comma separated dataview.  If you insert a blank dataview you see different dataview templates then if you insert the specific dataview.

1) Insert an Empty Dataview from the dataview tab in the ribbon.
2) Click Design in the Dataview Tools tab in the ribbon and then you see the comma seprated design.
3) I then add the data source ( A simple list of hyperlinks)

It still displays my data vertically instead of horizontally. So I am not sure it is working the way I think it should.

I want to build a simple 5 link horizontal menu in my master page footer.  The is a sharepoint list with the links.

I will experiment with the content query webpart to see if I can get the item horizontal. If you have any tips let me know.
EpistrophyAuthor Commented:
I figured it out.   I think there is a flaw in the 2010 template for comma seprated dataview design.

Here is what I did using SP designer 2010

1) Insert an Empty Dataview from the dataview tab in the ribbon.
2) I then add the data source ( In my case a simple list of hyperlinks)  I added just the URL field.
3) Insert the URL field as a multiple Item view.
4) Click Design in the Dataview Tools tab in the ribbon and then you see the comma separated design. You will be presented with a warning box saying that it remove customizations.  Click through that.

Now it will not be a horizontal presentation but still be vertical. I think is a bug in the Sharepoint 2010 or perhaps just my single installation of it but I doubt it.

5) Make sure you are in split view.
6) Click on of your data elements and notice code around it.  The code around the field is causing it to present vertical instead of horizontal.
7) Remove the elements I have marked below.

<p class="ms-vb">     !remove
	<xsl:value-of select="@URL.desc" />
     <br />                    !remove

Open in new window

Once you do that each URL description will be side by side in your data source. You can now format the field as a hyperlink and any other formatting you wish.

I would love to know if this is truly a bug or not.

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EpistrophyAuthor Commented:
I figured it out by just plowing though the comma seprated template that I knew should work in 2010 ad it has in earlier version of Sharepoint.
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