Receiving Message: The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. in Outlook 2003 connected to Exchange 2003 SP2.

I have a client receiving the error message: The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit. When closing an email message that they have read.  Outlook 2003 will lock up and cannot be closed.

I have checked the Exchange Server, and cannot see any limits specified for sizes on the attachments.

This is not related to Limits specified by the ISP as the message has arrived and been delivered to the mailbox.

I also have not found any policies that may be causing this as well.

Any insight is very much appreciated.
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PerarduaadastraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The following works in SBS 2003 Exchange; I'm not sure if stand-alone Exchange works the same way.

If you go into the domain user properties, under the Exchange General tab there is a Delivery Restrictions button.
Click on the button; at the top of the window that opens are the controls for both sending and receiving message size. The default setting is, well, default! If you select Maximum KB you can then set the limit to a maximum of 2097151 KB.

Be aware though, that reasonable limits are a very good idea, as they stop email channels becoming clogged with huge attachments, and also stop your Exchange server from filling up with the same.

Unless your user has a demonstrable need to receive very large attachments I would suggest that you increase his attachment size limit to allow this particular attachment to arrive in his mailbox, and then reduce it to either the default (which seems to have worked OK until now) or whatever you judge to be appropriate. Then advise the user that large attachments are best avoided if possible...
So you have checked the users mailbox in the Exchange Server and there is no limit on file size attachments?

Can you actually see the attachment in the email client (Outlook)?  Or does it appear to have been stripped.  I know some security appliances and firewalls have the ability to strip email attachments based upon size.  
lti-dboychukAuthor Commented:
Perarduaadastra: I have tried what you suggest.  I am waiting to hear back from my client.
lti-dboychukAuthor Commented:
We also had to create new profiles in outlook  to complete the change
I don't know why that had to be done, but the main thing is you're up and running again.
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