Event Log Emailing on an Exchange Server 2007


We have 5 exchange servers in 4 locations.  All on the same domain.  I would like to use the "send an email" task in the event log (Server 2008) to send out an email when we enter backpressure (common occurance).  The problem is, if we are in backpressure, then I can't use the Exchange Server itself to send out the email.  So I'm thinking of using one of the other exchange servers in our system.  

The "send an email" task simply uses an SMTP server.  We have created receive connectors on each server that are essentially open relays.  We restrict access to the connectors by IP address.  Then we can point copiers and other devices to the server and allow them to send email.  Herein lies the question:  Is there any risk to the Exchange system if I put the IP address of a fellow Exchange server into the receive connector?  For example:  I want the Boston Exchange server to send out an email when we enter backpressure.  I point it to the Chicago Exchange server to relay off of.  Will that introduce problems between the Exchange servers?

Thanks for your input.

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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I don't see any issue in your plan. Rather it is good, you are allowing specific server for relay.
ddotsonAuthor Commented:
This appears to be working.  Thanks for the input.
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