How to bridge ATT Uverse Static IPs behind a sonicwall

I am trying to setup a Sonicwall behind an ATT uverse modem (2wire 2701 HGV-B). We have 5 static IPs plus our gateway address. We need the Sonicwall to have the gateway address.

We were able to have the Sonicwall act as the gateway address in the past with ATT DSL so it would route traffic for all useable IPs. I tried the DMZ Plus mode but that gives you a different IP (not one of your statics).

Is this posible with Uverse or do I need to move away from ATT? Their support informed me that Uverse is not good for businesses with statics.

Any ideas are much appriciated.
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FideliusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think it is possible with Uverse.
DMZ Plus option just moves dynamic IP of ATT modem to your Sonicwall pretending that modem is in bridged mode. As I'm aware iti is not "real" bridged mode.

I would advise you to change service.

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