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can someone tell me how I can enable multiple remote desktop connections on a XP machine who is part of domain. I've found some patches on the internet for the terminal server, but I cannot log in.  When I try to log in by RDP from another computer, it automatically kick out the current user.

Thanks for being there.
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On Windows XP, remote desktop only allows one person to log into the computer at a time.  You need to install Terminal Services on Windows Server to allow multiple logins
Are you wanting everyone to see the same screen?

If so, I don't know that you can do this with RDP.

When you say it kicks the other user, is that user using RDP?
Adam LeinssServer SpecialistCommented:
You cannot legally run more than 1 RDP session into XP concurrently.   If you need more, install server as indicated by acpang.
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RobertBrown22Author Commented:
I'm talking about this:

I've done this before on my home computer, and it's working, but on my work computer it's not working because it is connected to a domain on local network.

Don ThomsonCommented:
The domain GPO controls this

Use something like ultravnc  free Open source

Can have multiple viewers
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That is a violation of licensing.  We cannot help you violate licensing.  The only valid solution if you need more than one person connecting to an XP class workstation is to run a 2003 Terminal Server.
Don ThomsonCommented:
Both of the above users are correct - IF you are using RDP - However there are other methods of doing what you want with programs other than RDP.

It all depends on what you are trying to do. If you need to run independant sessions on one XP machine - the OS will not allow that - You can use RDP to remotely access an XP PRO macine but on;y the local console or the remote viewer can make use of the operating system at one time.

If you want to allow serveral people to be able to SHARE the OS - programs such as Remote assistance, PCAnywhere, VNC etc are available to do just that.

Hi Robert,

Please create a new user account.

Even we follow the instructions of "enable-multiple-concurrent-remote-desktop-connections-or-sessions-in-windows-xp/", it still can not support "the same user logon", but if you logon as another user account, it should worked.

It's fine for me.
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