Reverse Cell Value to Comment

I've modified the code below.  When I use it, it seems to pull the correct name associated with the cell reference, but the comment is off by one.  Example:

Cell Reference      FunctionName      FunctionC/O
$C$5      John Doe      XX-42
$D$5      1-HP*      1-HP*

In the cell which has John Doe's name is correct, but it is referencing 1-HP* in the comment instead of XX-42.

Here it the modified code below.  I've also attempted to include a resizing code within and I think it's working, but haven't had much of a chance to test it out since the more important issue hasn't been resolved. [I'm having a hard time understanding the code process]:

Sub ReverseComments_Click()
Dim cel As Range, rg As Range, targ As Range
Dim MyComments As Comment
Dim lArea As Long

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Set rg = Range("I2")    'Top left cell with data
Set rg = Range(rg, Cells(Rows.Count, rg.Column).End(xlUp)).Resize(, 3) 'All the data in those three columns
With Worksheets("BHM Org Chart")       'Target worksheet
    On Error Resume Next
    For Each cel In rg.Cells
        If cel <> "" Then
            Set targ = Nothing
            Set targ = .Range(cel.Value)
            If Not targ Is Nothing Then
                targ.Value = cel.Offset(0, 1)
                targ.AddComment cel.Offset(0, 2).Value
            End If
        End If
    On Error GoTo 0
End With

For Each MyComments In ActiveSheet.Comments
    With MyComments
      .Shape.TextFrame.AutoSize = True
      If .Shape.Width > 300 Then
        lArea = .Shape.Width * .Shape.Height
        .Shape.Width = 100
        ' An adjustment factor of 1.1 seems to work ok.
        .Shape.Height = (lArea / 100) * 1.1
      End If
    End With
  Next ' comment

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub
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I don't quite follow what you want to do. You want to take the contents of a cell, and create a comment on that cell that contains the cell value? Example

Cell value = xyz
Cell has no comments
you run the macro...
cell value becomes blank
cell comment becomes xyz

Is this the goal, and could you perhaps attach a sample excel file?

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kristibigoAuthor Commented:
It is a little confusing. I apologize.  Let me see if I can illustrate it a little better:

The columns with information starts on I2.

 I                             J                           K
Cell Reference      Name                    Cube
$C$5                     John Doe              XX-42
$D$5                     1-HP*                    1-HP*

I want cell C5 to have the value "John Doe" noted with a comment "XX-42".  Instead, I have cell C5 with John Doe as the value and "1-HP*" as the comment.  The code seems to drop down one cell on the third column.  I have a value in every cell, so there are no blanks for which may be an issue.

Is it within the code?
kristibigoAuthor Commented:
I've figured it out. Some of my cells are "Merge & Center" and the latter cell referencing something else is taking precedence.  So for anyone who may have this same issue - check to see if your cell reference has been merged.

kristibigoAuthor Commented:
There wasn't a complete solution due to not having enough information submitted.
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