Is it possible to make an html file editable in dreamweaver without having access to the template file it is pulling from?

I have an index.html that i am trying to edit in dreamweaver. I have all the files from the server for this website.  However, i do not have the template that this index file is pulling from.  I have searched through the directory where it should be, and have done multiple searches on my whole computer and no such template file has come up. Is there any way to make the index.html file editable without finding the template file (.dwt) that it is pulling from.  
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Detach From Template
so you pulled the whole web site down

it has to be there as the page will not work properly without it so it should be there
If you have the whole website search for *.dwt across all the folders.

From CMD prompt and root directory of the web site files:
dir *.dwt /s
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CCtechAuthor Commented:
We clicked detach from template however it says it can't find the template.  We searched the entire directory and can't find it.  When we move the index outside the root folder it doesn't pull the info.  We can't find it!
so does it work outside of the www folder  
 if it works inside its correect folder the template must be there ! So why you cant find it I have no idea sorry
Go to Code View.
Copy all the code to Notepad.
Remove ALL phrases with the word instance between angle brackets (the whole phrase including the brackets).

In DW create a new blank html file.  
Copy and Paste from Notepad back to this file (overwrite the new html contents).
CCtechAuthor Commented:
It does not work when we pull it from the directory. I tried the cmd prompt and still couldn't find anything so i have no idea how it's pulling a template from anything. I have already thought about copying and pasting code, but don't want to do that for about 50 html documents. I might just pull the code and make a new template at this point, but would much rather have the original so i don't have to attach it to all those pages... Also, i wanted to have all the original files because i am modifying someone elses work and like to get an idea of how they did the whole thing before i make tons of changes.
so is there no template folder as thats the normal template way of applying it to a page and you should have a <!-- #BeginTemplate "/Templates/templateName.dwt" --> so the path says a template folder like the default way

do you have any thing like that in your html


Unless you can find the template you need to remove the Instance commands and Begin Template command from each document.  To a certain extent you could do this is semi batch mode with a text editor like Notepad++ (free)...where you can search a replace all the files in a folder at once.

Alternatively, if you can fid the about #BeginTemplate line in the could try to create a blank template, with the same name in a folter called Templates.  If that works, you could open an html and detach it from the template, possibly.

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CCtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Couldn't find the attached template at all, so i just made a new one and gave it the same name. Thanks for your help.
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