need to change over to linux from windows

I have apache 2.2 .php, msql.  running in a windows enviornment, for the website I want to develope I need linux. Just using as a local host for developement.   How and where can I get it.
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For LAMP, download CentOS (Free RedHat..)

It include mysql, apache, php (select the package when you install).....
HapdaddyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, please exuse my ignorance, this is all new,could you direct me to instructions on how to do this
I agree with Wesly
He gave you the web address.
Download CentOS and burn a DVD.
When you install, your DVD will already have Apache, PHP, Perl and stuff you need.  Just select Customize packages now.  Select what you want and spend some time in package selection.
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1. Download the CentOS 5 ISO file (if the cpu support 64bit, then download 64bit)

2. Burn it into DVD

3. Boot from DVD and start installation process
Here is the installation guide

4. choose mysql. internet server/http, php..... (or you can install later)

5. manually install.
Once you install and connect to internet, as root, type
yum install mysql php apache
(if you don't install at the beginning).

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CentOS is high quality and free.  For better packages selection you would need some practice as you want all what you need but not anything extra.  So first get a practice system and install everything.  Then figure out your needs and plan a correct set of packages for the next installation
If you want anything recent with long term support, try Scientific Linux, they have commercial backing from Universities and the CERN research labs, so their releases will be a little faster than CentOS who rely 100% on community support. There is also currently no CentOS 6, where Red Hat released EL6 november last year.

Other alternatives are:
Fedora - supported by Red Hat
Ubuntu - supported by canonical (Debian)
openSuse - supported by Novell (SLES)

CentOS 5 is indeed stable but getting rather old, php is still at version 5.1 which is considered rather out of date now, and there have been no updates for CentOS 5 released since December.
And for an easier and more user-friendly experience, consider Ubuntu ( or Fedora (  Download and install free VMware Player (, and you can run a linux virtual machine on your windows box - you can install the OS from a downloaded ISO file.
I have many different versions of linux. Centos is good. I use Ubuntu as well. I have them all on my Windows 7 laptop using VirtualBox from Oracle. I have Lamp on Ubuntu and I can run Windows and Linux at the same time and do the testing from the Windows side by accessing the Linux ip addr. Works great. You can have as many Virtual Systems as you have HD space for them I have 8. I can help with the setup on the VirtualBox and the install of the Linux of your choice.
HapdaddyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Everyone! at the cetos site..I down loaded the cent0S-5.5-i36-LiveCD-Release2.iso
Do Ialso  need to down load all the files here

Thanks...completely an old dog trying to learn new tricks.
Good enough. You can install other software later wihout download other ISO files.
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