Is MetroPCS Worth Trying?

I have been a willing sucker, ahem, I mean, customer of AT&T for the last 6 years but I've had enough of their substandard service and high rates. I'm looking to switch to another carrier. Sprint or Verizon are at the top of the list, but I'm curious to hear from people who use MetroPCS. I like the idea of not having to sign a 2-year contract.

I don't understand how MetroPCS can offer unlimited calling, texting & internet for just $60/month. Part of me thinks that the call quality must be horrible, but I'd like to hear from people who actually use them, especially if you are in the metro-NY area. I live in Manhattan.
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page plus has better coverage and they are on verizon's network which is the best coverage. they are prepaid like tracfone only you can buy a used verizon droid and activate it as long as it has a good ESN. I activated a samsung delve from alltel on it.

the net is slow on it though and most of the time it doesn't work :-(  I might have to jailbreak mine. :-(
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Slooooow Internet. At least in southern ca.
anuneznycAuthor Commented:
How about call quality?
anuneznycAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have an opinion on MetroPCS?
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