Need help with: DEFAULT CATCH!, code=300 at &SRR0, etc.

Hi everyone,

I am trying to boot this kinda old apple desktop computer with Tiger 10.2.x on it,
but when i try to start the machine i get the fallowing scenario with an error...

DEFAULT CATCH!, code=300 at &SRR0: 00000000   &SRR1: 00083030

Apple PowerMac3,4 4.1.8f5 BootROM built on 03/21/01  at 11:49:53
Copyright 1994-2001 Apple Computer, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to Open Firmware, the system time and date is: 00:57:23 04/01/2011

To continue booting, type "mac-boot" and press return.
To shut down, type "shut-down" and press return.

0 > _

if i continue with the booting, i end up with a blank screen with a folder in
the midle alone with a question mark, what does this means?
i have the Mac OS Tiger 10.2 and also Tiger 10.4 CD's DVD's, etc.
any help to make this machine running again will be very appreciate.

if i start the machine with the Mac OS CD in it and press and hold the C key
i do not get anything, i donde this on other Mac laptops and desktop, but on
this one things don't look very well.

Thanks in advance

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"none od this worked out for me "

Really? You obtained
• a full retail installer disk (or set of disks),
• in the correct medium,
• in the correct OS version,
and it didn't boot the machine?
Reset the PMU or Cuda following the directions in the link below, try a different keyboard, and see if you can boot into a suitable os x installer by holding the C key.

Suitable installer means:
1. For your G4, no greater that 10.4.x
2. the correct medium for your optical drive (not a DVD if you don't have a DVD reader)
3. A retail installer disk. Your G4 did not ship with either 10.2 or 10.4, so if those disks are not not retail installer disks they will not work.
Also - folder with question mark means it can't find an OS on the startup disk.
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C0dingAuthor Commented:

Okay, i was not able to do any of the above, i mean none od this worked out for me.
and now i am getting annoyed from EE to cancel, close, or delete this question...
i don't like to close questions, so i will have to acept this question even if is not my answer.
C0dingAuthor Commented:
C0dingAuthor Commented:
Thanks anyway
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