Permission denied error after NFS mount

I have created a share called ERAS on a Windows server, and have given that share full Read/Write permission for all machines.  On the Linux server I have done an nfs mount, which appears to be correct, and a DF -k shows the mount point with the apparently correct size.  But, if I cd to that mountpoint, I get a "Permission denied" error.  The mountpoint has permissions of 777, so I think it is OK on the Linux side, and I see nothing in the logs on the Windows side.  I'm stumped, but I readily admit that I am a novice with Linux.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!
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Have you given permission to everyone to your windows share and have you Configured the User Name Mapping Service.

The mount point's permission in linux would not be enough. Original permission applies which comes with the share.

Is it necessary to share it with NFS only? you can just share it as windows share and then also can mount in Linux as a cifs filesystem.
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Got me close
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