Problematic BIOS update

I updated the BIOS of an HP compaq 6710b laptop from within windows.  I have downloaded the latest update from HP site of course. After rebooting the system the system give a message indicating that the update process failed and this might be resolved by updating two consecutive times (which didn't work of course). When I contacted HP support they told be to reset the BIOS and then update it afterwards.  As a matter of fact the original BIOS version is so old that there's quite few updates reaching the latest.
I was fortunate enough that I'm able to boot the system
now, how can I resolve this failed update?
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Try stepping up the updates, start with a much older update maybe ~2 versions newer than the one that's on the system now and slowly make youe way 2 revs at a time to the latest. You are lucking I have seen many system get bricked because someone tried to jump to many bios revisions.
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