Recover Video from iPod Touch

I think I know the answer to this, but I just wanted to ask to be sure.

My son recorded a video with his iPod and deleted it before doing any sync's.  Is there any way to recover it myself?
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spidey23Connect With a Mentor Commented:
sorry to hear that beapit

the only other option would be to send it to a data recovery center such as Driversavers but that can get really expensive

wish I had better news.
Well, you never know. You can still try data recovery.

Plug in the iPod ... DO NOT SYNC.

Just click cancel when it asks you to sync. Go to the iPod settings in iTunes and, onthe first tab, click the checkbox labeled enable disk use.

The iPod will now show up as a regular hard on your computer.

Run a data recovery app on the drive and you might be able to recover it as long as it has not been overwritten.

iPods store videos and photos in visible folders so you could simply scan that folder only if you wanted to save time.

Some free data recovery apps for pc:
Pci file recovery
Getdataback (trial)

For Mac:
Data rescue 3 has a free trial also.

Use one of those to see if you can find the video first then you can decide of you wish to purchase it.

If you google free data recovery software you might ind some others as well.

I guess it depends on how important this video is to you and if you want to spend money to recover it.

Will await your reply.

beapitAuthor Commented:
I tried every recover app I could find on the internet and I could not get any app to even list any files that could be recovered.
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