Disconnecting Identity brand Vehicle Protection system.

My daughter has the Identity brand Vehicle Protection system that was installed at the dealership with little or no explanation about what it was or why they were doing it. The dealer is now out of business, no other dealerships in the area are familiar with this item and we're afraid to take the remote apart for fear that it will shut down her car for good. We think the battery may be dieing in the remote but would rather just have the who system removed. Even when the button to activate it is pushed the car doesn't always want to start. Sometimes takes several minutes to get it to start. Does anyone know where in the vehicle this would be located so it can be removed?
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Vehicle Protection system is designed to stop professional car thieves thus would reduce the cars security if removed.
It may require a professional to remove it.

"would rather just have the who system removed. Does anyone know where in the vehicle this would be located so it can be removed? "

Vehicle Protection system is usually located under the dashboard.
See these installation guides:

If you are not confident to remove it yourself (you may cause damage without the correct wiring diagram) seek professional service.
If you know the maker of the Vehicle Protection system then google to find their nearest service / installation garage.
Or post further infomation.

Hope this helps.


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McKinney916Author Commented:
Searches for this brand show no results.
 We will check under the dash in the morning.
 If it's beyond my skill level then
 do I try an automotive electric shop?
Yes, try an automotive electric shop.
Ask for a quote first then decide.

Also I suggest just disconnecting it (if possible) and leave the hardware in place for reconnection later if you decide to use it in the future.
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McKinney916Author Commented:
Been reading up on relays and kill switches. I'm a "do it yourself-er" with just enough knowlege to be dangerous to myself! When my daughter gets here I'm going to go exploring to see what I can find under the dash. The skypatrol links were helpful although it's a much more advanced system than this one. I just wish there was someone who knows where this particular device would be.
By "Identity brand" do you mean the maker is called "Identity"?
There is no infomation for this on the internet.
If it is a lojack device you cannot "do it yourself"

Good luck
Knowing the make, model and year of the car would help a lot here.

Though similar, different makers have slightly different ways of imobilising a vehicle.   Some, it's built in or works with the engine management.

Some after marktet systems just inhibit the starter so you can't turn over the engine.

You realy do need to be careful what you poke about at.   There might only be 12V DC available, but lots of Amps in the wrong place, can ruin your day!.   Or, if you've got an arm or hand in somewhere, and you inadvertantly cause the engine to crank, severe injury!

Plus, many automotive electronics systems are suprisingly static sensitive, when disconected from whatever they are normaly used with.

In the first instance, look for obviously spliced wires.  Many so called auto electricians are remarkably crude in what they do, even when it could be done with plugs and sockets.

Take care.

McKinney916Author Commented:
Thank you for the good information. In the end, my daughter found someone who had the same clicker on her keys and asked if she had the contact information for the company. The web address is www.888notheft.com. I hope this might help other with this problem.
Glad to be of some help.
Thanks for the points.
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