Remote Desktop Gateway security benefits over Remote Desktop Services direct connection?

What are the security benefits (if any) to using a Remote Desktop Gateway as a front end to Remote Desktop Services?  Can the gateway and the desktop services host be the same server?  

I'm looking to setup a secure cloud desktop environment for a very small business (3-5 users) on a single server.  I appreciate any advice particularly related to security issues.  

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Svet PaperovConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Remote Desktop Gateway is used with RDS server farm when you have multiple terminal servers. In your case you will not have any advantage of using RD Gateway. In such small environment as yours I would go with RDS only. If your client computers are Windows 7 or Vista you can setup your RDS to accept NLA RDP connections only.

And, I don’t suggest it (it’s too much) but if you are really paranoid about this you can change the default port from 3389 to something else and instruct you users to use something as 123.456.789.012:4444 where 4444 is the custom RPD port.  
scotruAuthor Commented:
Thanks--very helpful. I think I will use an alternate port (I'm a little paranoid)
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