My target is shared folder data & destination is 1TB external drive.

i want to copy all the sharefolder data into external drive.So that i prepared the synctoy setup & manually run it successfully, but after preparing schedule task i tried to test it by making some changes in the sharefolder & run the schedule task, it shows me the  result "task completed", but when i check the external drives for any changes but its fails to do any kind of data updates. but manually it was working fine. can you please suggest me.

Operating system : windows server 2008 R2.
Target : \\hv1\data (share folder)
Destination : 1TB External Drive

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Please post Schedule Task settings and command you used for Synctoy.
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
Try get back into the command.jpg and put the following

Programs/Script:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\SyncToyCmd.exe\"
Add arguments:   -R"FancyRose Data Backup"

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TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
i tried it by puttng -R"FancyRose Data Backup", but it was not worked. i also tried to run the schedule task manually but it did not make any updates of data in the external drive.
Let's see if we can get it to work as a Shortcut, then as a Schedule Task.

Create a Shortcut for Synctoy, then add the -R parameters. Double click it, let's see what you get.
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
As you said i did it but fails to get the result. you can see in the History.Jpg after making changes i test it. you find the time period of task.if i run the synctoy Manually it will work fine. see the synctoy run.jpg

if i schedule task it then it will not make any update of data, but it will show the task is completed (within 5 minutes). please suggest me something
With in SyncToy File > View Log, please paste results.
I have test it this way and works. Note space after -R.
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
but it is not working on my pc, do have any alternate solution for this, you can see the history.jpg file for the timing of schedule task. but when i manually run the synctoy it is working.
Let's get back.

1. Create a simpler set called TEST (ECHO probably)
2. See if it works manually
3. We create a Shortcut in the desktop, pointing "C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.0 Beta\SyncToyCmd.exe"
   3a. then -R"TEST"
4. See if works just double clicking the icon.

Post back results. ¿BTW anything on the logs?
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
now i make a fresh setup for synctoy & make a pair folder name is Test, synctoy Action is "Contribute".
i manually run it successfully. After creating a schedule task & i test it again some problem.

My target is external Drive shared data  (which i shared to all user). i make my external drive as a share folder.

And the destination is external Drive (backup data).

both are external drives but 1 is share folder & other 1 is for data backup for this shared drive.which i forget to mention it before.You can see the synctoy-run.jpg for the details.

below is the schedule task details pic

Understood, probably is something around the pair name.

Can we create a pair with a single word name with the same selection as the original one?
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
but i want to use "Contribute" as an action to secure my data which i cannot safe it in the ECHO and Synchronize option. so this reason i am using this Contribute option. can you please suggest me  
TaibaDXBAuthor Commented:
i am still waiting for your reply.please suggest me what to do next.
I'm sorry some reason I did not submit my answer last time.

You can use the copy method you want I just usually use sync try create one from scratch.

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