a good way to start learning about storage?


i am sys admin, but i dont have storage in my network.

i want to learn the issue, but i dont have the haredware to see it.

how can i learn about storage? what are good starting points?
is there programs that can simulate it?( is saw something in the past in cbt nuggests videos but i cant remmeber the name of the program)

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First question that I would ask you is what type of storage are you wanting to learn about.  RAID, NAS, SAS, etc.

Here is some basic starting help I found for you:

First the evolution of storage ( I know basic and simple but interesting): http://community.tradekey.com/article-442/Evolution_of_Computer_Storage_Devices.html

Then on to NAS storage:

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network-attached_storage



Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storage_Area_Network

Cloud Storage:

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_storage

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Lots of good info here:

ymg800Author Commented:
what about application that can simulate storage like making LUN and assign them to VM's...
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I just bought one of these for myself on my home network...very nice to add in for network storage and redundant backup.

andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
How about a PC with a lot of RAM with Windows and VMware workstation on it? You can run a couple (or three) copies of VMware server under that to emulate a physical server cluster. Then on those cluster nodes you can run iSCSI target VMs from the likes of LeftHand and Open-E and play about to your heart's content until the trial periods expire. Sure iSCSI isn't a 'proper' storage network like fibre channel attached SAN boxes but it's pretty similar, you still have to attach LUNs to servers / targets to initiators. You're not going to learn how to plug the wires in that way but that's pretty straight forwards anyway.
You can get a really nice NAS for the cost of a "PC with a lot of RAM"  working as a VM, when for just storage, basic NAS's include Intel Atom chips with 1 GB RAM in most cases for the better ones.

If it's virtualization you're looking for then a Server with a ton of RAM and Hyper-V and VMWare would be great.  But, you're looking at 8,000-10,000+ for something that would do that and do it well.

NAS or SAN is the correct thing in my opinion for network storage with redundant online storage of your images.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
$8-10K to build it in real hardware, but less than $1000 to emulate it on a high powered PC. It doesn't have to do it well as they say in the question they want to learn, it's not a production environment. And when they finished with it they still have the new PC to use as workstation.

Admittedly an Atom based home user nas toy would be fun to play with too.
True, I guess that's me talking enterprise level...oops.  You could build a PC and use it to test different things for low cost.
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