Report Server Windows Service (MSSQLSERVER) is stopping nigthly..

I have a probem with our ERP system being that SQL Server is not logging users first thing in the morning.   I have managed to track this down to being the SQL Server Reporting Service has not started. If I start this in the configuration console or the service.msc then I can log in.   When I check the event log I can see incremental backup is taking place at 2am giving a warning that it is completing with errors so I am thinking this is linked.

One thing that could be causing this is the SQL report server was changed to  Server Mode "Intergrated with Sharepoint" and since been changed back to "native".
The errors starting appearing when this was changed.

Any help would be appreciated, Richard
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HwkrangerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cant' just switch back and forth, you have to create a new SSRS reporting database, someone deleted your old database - created a new one - and then did it again.... this is probably the cause of your problem.

You need ot make sure that it's configured the same as the original
RichardH1976Author Commented:

Thanks for your help.   Is there anyway of finding out the orginal settings?    I was not the one who changed to sharepoint intergrated so don't no what the orginal settings where,  I did change to native mode as thought this might solve my problem.

I do have full server back ups but would need to request these which I wll do tomorrow.

RichardH1976Author Commented:
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