Outlook 2010 with Adobe X add-in keeps crashing.

Mostly the crash occurs when Outlook is closed, but is also happens other times while the program is in use.  Is there a fix?

Here is the crash report:

Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:      APPCRASH
  Application Name:      OUTLOOK.EXE
  Application Version:      14.0.4760.1000
  Application Timestamp:      4ba8fefd
  Fault Module Name:      StackHash_edf3
  Fault Module Version:      6.1.7601.17514
  Fault Module Timestamp:      4ce7b96e
  Exception Code:      c0000374
  Exception Offset:      000c37b7
  OS Version:      6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:      1033
  Additional Information 1:      edf3
  Additional Information 2:      edf36696f930ae1eb122f3da67545369
  Additional Information 3:      dce8
  Additional Information 4:      dce892cad9352e0b6021b5e15f6a0879
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have Outlook 2010 and Acrobat X installed without any issue. Try doing an Outlook Repair (Found in Control Panel -> Office 2010 and change). Also do an Acrobat repair while you are at it. Then make sure both Office and Acrobat are fully up-to-date (there have been recent updates). Restart and see if it improves.

If not, consider doing a full uninstall of Office, restart and then re-install (Full, not Typical). ... Thinkpads_User
SteveIT ManagerCommented:
Have you considered removing Acrobat X and installing another PDF program say Foxit (for testing) then reboot and retry your outlook to see if you have the same problem
Jim12101Author Commented:
The problem is intermittent.  I had already done the repairs.  A full uninstall-reinstall is not worth the trouble at this time.  When the question was submitted I was hopeful that the error message would be one that was common and had a specific precise solution.  Apparently not.  
Jim12101Author Commented:
One solution was a work-around and the other was a general uninstall-reinstall solution.  While both are reasonable responses, they were not error message specific.
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