Cannot login to Windows 2003 BDC

Cannot loging to Windows 2003 server PDC

Cannot see anything in logs but upon boot it complains about services not starting.

When I try to login to the windows 2003 server BDC, it won't let me login either

Does the BDC authenticate locally?

Have tried several usernames/ passwords

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Well, if you're unable to login to the server , most likely the username and password are incorrect (is that what the server says? Or does it say that the domain is unavailable?)

In the case of wrong password, you could reset the domain admin password.

Check this out:
Mike KlineCommented:
They are both equal (no BDCs since NT) but I know what you are saying DC1 holds all your FSMOs.

If the DCs have been healthy and replicating then everything on DC1 should be the same on DC2 so they both hold full writable copies of AD

Can you get in via DSRM mode (f8 at boot up)


Paul197466Author Commented:
Yes, I can get into both Dcs via DSRM

But once there I'm not clear how I can fix the issue?

I honestly don't believe it's a username or password issue as I log in every day and logged in fin just last night
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Paul197466Author Commented:
Also, all logins on netword are failing so DC is definitely sick
You have a replication issue between the dcs. You should review event logs for directory service and file replication service on both dcs to identify what's making he secondary dc sick.

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Paul197466Author Commented:
On the active DC there are indeed replication errors

2092: This server is the owner of the following FSMO role but does not consider it valid.  For the partition which contains FMSO this server has not replicated successfully with any of its partners since the server has been restarted.  Replication error are preventing validation of this role

Operation which require contacting FSMO operation ,master will fail until this condition is corrected

(Above one repeated)

2089: The directory partition has not been backed up since at last the number of following days

<details of domain>
Backup latency interval (days): 30
Paul197466Author Commented:
There there is an error

System Monitor was unable to open Active Directory performance counters.  An attempt to open shared memory failed

Error value: 2

The system cannot find the specified file

Could this be related to the Exchange 2007 uninstall?
Mike KlineCommented:
Any 4015 or 4013 DNS errors  Can you post dcdiag output.


Paul197466Author Commented:
On the other DC (what I can the BDC) there is an error

Active directory could not resolve the following DNS host name of the source domain controller to an ip address

THis error prevents .... changes replicating

Source domain DC: XXX
Failing host name: YYY

I can pink XXX from this machine and the ip address resolves

I am not clear on the meaining of YYY
Paul197466Author Commented:
I am not familiar with DCDiag

I can only wind a windows 2000 version to download off MS site?

Will this run in DSRM?
Paul197466Author Commented:
I have found version for Windows 2003 Server - will download

But can it run in DSRM?
Paul197466Author Commented:
When I try to install in DSRM it says:

The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation
check your DNS server settings
Paul197466Author Commented:
I have and I cn't see anything wrong
Paul197466Author Commented:
Actually, all the zones have disappeared

I can see error 4007

The DNS server was unable to open zone xxx in the active directory
Paul197466Author Commented:
OK, what I want to do now is seize the FMSO roles on the non active DC but I can only log into it in DSRM because the tomestone setting has been exceeded

Is there a way to do this or should I just change the tomstone setting so it thinks it is OK?
Paul197466Author Commented:
There were replication problems but I had to sort out the causes
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