Citrix Desktop and Dual Monitors

With the Citrix 12.1 online plug-in or web plugin is there a way to get it to open like a Citrix Desktop in full screen and also to dual monitors in extended monitor mode?

I've found the only way so far is to drag the Citrix remote desktop to the center of both monitors, then maximize it in order to fill up both monitors.
Otherwise if you just maximize a citrix remote desktop session while the whole window is only on one side of the monitor, then it only maximizes to that one monitor (left or right).
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XenApp or XenDesktop?

XenApp is essentially just Term Services, and will therefore only want to take one display.  XenDesktop will utilize all possible displays.  I have my virtual desktop spread across three monitors.  Now if I could only figure out how to spread across only two..... :)

I find the min/max functions don't work very well on XD.  Shift-F2 is the preferred method of moving back and forth between local and virtual desktops.
check your grapcs card settings. some have spanning modes that allow physical displays to be merged into one logical display.
You can adjust this for the web interface site by changing the following line in the webinterface.conf file. (located at \inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\SITE-NAME\conf

ShowDesktopViewer=On - This should be your current setting as described
ShowDesktopViewer=Off - This will automatically launch it in full screen (across multiple monitors if available)
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
It's Xenapp and I'm launching Remote desktop either via web interface or via the system tray icon
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