Why No Sound on Converted File (VLC to Convert *.avi to *.mp4)

I could use some help with using VLC Media Player. I have tried to convert *.avi files to *.mp4 files using VLC. The conversion proceeds normally with excellent compression and image result. However the sound is missing. I've done a Google search and see this issue listed, but the solutions are vague or not applicable.

Would really appreciate some assistance in resolving this.

VLC is version 1.1.7 with Win XP
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Most often it will depend on the source file - usually video files are a container with a video file and separate audio file, conversion of the audio file will depend on what the source audio is encoded as.  If you want a better range of audio conversion try using a convertor like SUPER otherwise we could look at your source file and establish why the audio won't convert.
Hi fshaw818

While the AVI video is playing in VLC Player, could you please access the Tools menu and choose Codec Information.  Either take a not of each line shown and post here, or else make a screenshot and attach the image here.

To create a screenshot, if you don't already know, press the Alt and PrintScr keys to copy the active window, then open an image editor such as Windows Paint or other editor you prefer, and use the Edit menu > Paste or often Ctrl and V works.  File > Save as and choose JPG, GIF, or PNG to save your image.

We may be able to guide you further.

fshaw818Author Commented:
Here's a little more information in the form of screen shots. Hopefully is provides some insight as to why the audio is getting "lost.""
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fshaw818Author Commented:
By the way, when I convert this file from it's original *.AVI format to *.MP4 format using Any Video Converter Pro software the output file (*.MP4) does does contain audit as originally recorded. (Yes the Any Video Recorder Pro is licensed and paid for.) However, I would like to understand why converting n VLC does not work and at times I would find it useful (beneficial) to use VLC and he has better editing functions.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
The original looks like a video camera output in MJPEG -  as I described the issue is with the PCM 16bit audio conversion, VLC is seeing it but not processing it even though AVC can handle it, some araw combinations are still not supported by VLC for conversion in the stable releases.
Are you running the latest VLC? Do you have FFMPEG installed?

fshaw818 has VLC Player version 1.1.7.  I upgraded mine to the latest 1.1.8 and found a similar AVI file with a PCM 16-bit audio stream.  It did not convert the audio content either.  I have FFMPEG installed on this system.  As Masqueraid has said, there are some things that VLC Player is unable to convert.  Pity about that.
fshaw818Author Commented:
Thanks to the request to post a little more information I generated the images. In looking at the images again I think the missing audio problem was do to have the "Keep Original Track" checked. I unchecked and it now appears to work as expected. Would like to understand exactly what's happening with this is checked and why it is an option and how it would be used.
I'll double-check that with my test file, because it failed with it checked and unchecked.
have you tried other software, perhaps virtualdub to try to convert the file?
He used "Any Video Converter Pro" to successfully convert the file inclusive of audio stream (Comment: 35307370), but still wanted to understand why VLC Player had failed and the other software had worked.
Hi fshaw818.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "As per Expert Exhange recommendation I have accepted my own solution".

Did you find a way to get VLC Player to convert that same *.AVI file to *.MP4 and retain the audio content?

If NOT, then the question was answered by Masqueraid in Comment ID: 35308360.  Sometimes the answer is a NO, and in this case it was:

"the issue is with the PCM 16bit audio conversion, VLC is seeing it but not processing it even though AVC can handle it, some araw combinations are still not supported by VLC for conversion in the stable releases."

My tests tended to support Masqueraid's answer to the problem in that I took what will have been a similar AVI file and it failed in the same way even with the latest stable release of VLC Player.  So it will not work unless you use another program, which is what you already did.

I believe that Masqueraid HAS answered your question with a "NO, sorry, VLC Player cannot convert some types of content".

For a more in-depth explanation as to WHY it cannot do it (beyond the scope of this question), you would have to ask some of the programmers who create the VLC software, or become proficient in programming and debug the issue for yourself in the source code.


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fshaw818Author Commented:
Yes I did find a way to convert correctly in VLC. See my 4/5/2011 1:10 p.m. ID: 35320933 comment. I'll give you all 500 points and hopefully this closes the issue. I don't want a hassle. I did receive a note from Experts Exchange saying to was a question no longer being responded to. There was a recommendation that if I answered my own question, close it by awarding the points to my self. Sorry for frustrating you. I'll likley not ask more questions here even though I just renewed my subscription.
fshaw818Author Commented:
I hope this works for you.
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