17" and 15" laptop bag

Anyone know of a laptop bag that can hold a 17" HP laptop and 15" Macbook Pro?  I do have a Second Skin for the MBP so padding for it won't be an issue.  Probably something suited to a 17" laptop with another pocket big enough for the MBP is fine.  I just don't want to lug around two bags.
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what together you wont get a dual laptop bag imho
PowerEdgeTechConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
I have a backpack bag (it is unmarked, so I'm afraid I don't know who makes it), but it confortable carries a 17" HP Pavilion in the padded laptop pocket and a 15" Dell Latitude in the main pocket (same zippered section).  Handy for carrying two laptops (would be better if I only had one laptop though :)).  One designed for two laptops you might not find, but there's something out there that will work ... as you said, aim to fit the 17" and the 15" will probably fit in there somewhere.
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Try a crumpled bag, I use them for my laptops and my cameras; well made, very functional, just a little more expensive than standard laptop bags:


AND according to Crumpler; 'they make you look sexy!' :/
brettrAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  But I'm thinking probably a backpack is better.
brettrAuthor Commented:

Over seas shipping/exchanging?  No thanks.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
I agree with a backpack ... don't know how people do the traditional carry/shoulder bags :)
brettrAuthor Commented:

I guess it will be trial and error on this one to get the right backpack.  I did order "SwissGear CARBON GA-7357-02F00 Carrying Case for 17" with my Envy since it all comes together.  But will most likely order another so I have two to choose from.  
roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't understand :/ where are you based?

They also do backpacks (at least my camera bag is a backpack)



i would think both of the laptops will fit in most medium sized backpacks

if you visualize both laptops together that will give you a frame of reference to get your choice correct
brettrAuthor Commented:
Very cool backpack.  Thanks.
mmoore82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the pack I use:


It will carry up to 17", and can carry 2 laptops (main compartment has separation).  I've had the same one for 3 years now and it's very durable.  I've carried laptop + books, and 2 laptops in it with no issues.  The design has very good weight distribution.
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