How do I add AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed and AspMaxBufferingLimit properties to metabase.xml using Metabase Explorer?

Hello there,

I would like to add the following properties and values to my metabase.xml using Metabse Explorer (IIS 6 Resource Kit):

AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed (for limiting upload size)
AspMaxBufferingLimit (for limiting download size)

The following fields can be specified for each property within Metabase Explorer:
ID, Name, Data Type, Data

Could someone please advise where in the configuration I should enter this key, it's structure and syntax.

In addition, do the above values affect uploads using a PHP-based website, i.e. Jumla, running within FastCGI.

Thanks in advance.
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JakeSpencerAuthor Commented:
This question relates to FCGIEXT.js where I want to allow larger downloads to a website than the default 200k; although the site itself uses PHP, PHP itself is run through FastCGI, which clearly runs a JavaScript file does it not.  So my additional question is, does this setting affect the upload file size for a PHP site and?  If it does what would be the path for the value and what would I set the value to?

I'm a novice at these kind of setting and would appreciate additional help.

Kind regards and thanks in advance
JakeSpencerAuthor Commented:
Hi Have added the ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed property in the MetaBase.XML file at LM/W3SVC with the following settings.  However it doesn't look like the same as what other people are sugesting for website upload limits i.e. it does not have each element of a separate line.

Can you please advise if I am doing something wrong here?  What should the UserType be set to? and have I placed it in the right place to affect all sites?



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