N-Class (wireless) Router & B/G Class WAP - Not Compatible?

Residential Client has Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N Gigabit Router in Basement AV/Data room & OnQ B/G-wireless WAP on 2nd floor (there is a main floor) (WAP is actually ASUS WL500g).  

Both wireless devices have the same SSID; use channel (6); Same Authentication (WPA-PSK); Same Encryption (TKIP); same paraphrase.

Netgear router LAN ip address is; WAP is

Netgear has modes of 54; 145; or 300Mbps.  OnQ has 1; 2; 5.5; 6; 9; 11; 12; 18; 24; 36; 48; 54Mbps.

Netgear Preamble Mode - Auto; Long; or Short; OnQ Preamble Mode - Auto; Long; or Short.

My Question is - should these two units work together? If so what is the recommended settings for both units?  Is the difference between Mbps capability such that I have to 'down-mode' the Netgear to 54Mbps in order for the client and her family to walk from one floor to another and not lose connectivity as they transition from one router to another?

Much Thanks,

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pseudo-NerdAuthor Commented:
Correction - ASUS WAP is WL330g...
> walk from one floor to another and not lose connectivity as they transition from one router to another?

That will never happen, no matter what hardware is used. All you can hope for is to make the period of lost connectivity as short as possible (but it shouldn't be longer than 30 seconds or so, anyway)... still, a lot of that depends on the client's wireless adapter and its drivers.
pseudo-NerdAuthor Commented:

Wow...wicked fast on the reply - thank you.

I understand the brief connectivity loss between signal areas - I misstated my question.  The root of the question is - show the two (age) differing wireless units be able to work together given the rather broad differences in capability?

Thanks again for the quick response - fastest I've ever had...
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It would help to know exactly what Netgear model and version they have...  there are probably a dozen different "RangeMax" models, and some of them have already worked through 3 or more versions (which usually indicates a change like the radio chipset provider or the amount of flash memory... many of the RangeMax are Atheros, but I've seen some of the 2.4GHz-only models have Broadcom radios in them). But without knowing that datum, I'd say put the netgear in 145 Mbps mode (that should be 20MHz 11n channel width with auto-fallback to 11b/g... 300Mbps would likely be 40MHz wide channel with fallback to 20MHz-wide when 11g traffic is detected, unless it says 802.11n-only in the Mode picklist).

If the Netgear's speed select is separate from the Mode, leave it in Auto.

Set the WAP's speed select in Auto speed, as well. It's 11b/g-only, of course.

The WAP is hard wired to one of the Netgear's LAN ports?  
Or is there another component in the mix, too?

pseudo-NerdAuthor Commented:
Greetings Darr247...

The Netgear is a RangeMax Next Wireless-N Gigabit Router model WNR3500.  Non sure it's version number but I do know we installed it when if first came out.

The WAP is home-runned (sp?) to the Netgear

I've set both devices speed to Auto.

I set both devices channel to 6.

We'll watch the performance over the next week while kids are home during Spring Break and see what happens.  I'll follow up.

Thank you again,

I would also look around for other networks nearby, using e.g. inSSIDer.
Channel 6 is the default for most brands, so using channel 1 or 11 might work better if there are other stations nearby using channel 6.

I happen to have a WNR3500L, here... one problem I've found with it is it seems to get overloaded or something if all the LAN ports are used, and the traffic between the LAN and WAN eventually slows to a trickle under that condition. So if there's a problem with slow internet traffic to/from the WAP, try unplugging any other cables from the WNR3500's LAN ports, except for the WAP's cable, then reboot it (just unplug its power and plug it back in) and see if the WAP's speed picks up again.

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pseudo-NerdAuthor Commented:
Patient, clear - easy to follow, very quick on responses.  If I knew his/her email address they'd never get any sleep!
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