odbc to a different environment

i need to connect to a SQL database, but that SQL database is on a different environment (different ISP). What kind of security options do i have? is ssl possible? SQL database is password protected, but there should be more to it. tips more than welcome
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robertg34Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It will depend on the bandwidth between the two ISPs.
You'll have to set up some type of dedicated VPN service to the box with whatever port SQL is running on (by default 1433).  The isp should be able to set that up for you, typically for a monthly fee.  
Amien90Author Commented:
Thats a nice solution. that might also solve my ActiveDirectory issue (need to connect also an Active directory service within the same envoirment als the SQL server).

how does this influance the reading speed of the OBDC?
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