Put numbers on a graphic in Word.

I have a group photo and want to be able to identify persons in the picture. I would like to put a number on each person so that I can give a “legend” beneath the photo by giving the name of each person with a number that I have on that person in the picture.

I do not want to write any code to accomplish that task. I simply want to insert sequential numbers at various places in a picture.

How can I do that? I know it can be done, because I did it once about six months ago, but I cannot recall how I did it. The numbers I put in a picture six months ago show no border around them. On a black background, the numbers are white, and on light backgrounds the numbers are black.

I feel rather stupid asking this question, but I cannot recall how I may have done this in the past.
Thanks for any suggestions. — JR Allen
JohnRobinAllenRetired professor of FrenchAsked:
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Brian GeeCommented:
You could employ the use of a text box(es) with fill and line color properties to none.

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Brian GeeCommented:
Attached is a sample of what I'm referencing.
You can use text boxes with blank backgounds to insert numbers. Then, you can mark the image with all number textboxes and right-click --> Group. This saves your image and textboxes from moving apart during editing your document as they act as one object.
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JohnRobinAllenRetired professor of FrenchAuthor Commented:
I have tried out the solution offered by yobri and it works. I will award the points tomorrow but first I want to see if I can get bitref's suggestion to facilitate the process and then award extra points for that, if I can get it to work. I'm finding it hard to click on 23 textboxes, one at a time.
     I also wonder whether it is possible to conceal the line around a text box. I made the box 100% transparent and that looks good, but the effect is diminished if the box still has a border around it.
Brian GeeCommented:
<< I also wonder whether it is possible to conceal the line around a text box. I made the box 100% transparent and that looks good, but the effect is diminished if the box still has a border around it.>>

Here is where you can make that change:

 'No line' border change in Word
Brian GeeCommented:
I believe bitref was referring to grouping all of the text boxes (which is a good suggestion) so that if you move one, you will be invariably moving all of them at once... makes for more facilitated moving of the collaborative set of text boxes while retaining the originated distances, etc.

To do this, you would select all the text boxes in question, right-click on one of them and then select Grouping > Group.

 Group all of the text boxes to move them all as one object
To select all objects, keep pressing CTRL and click the objects one by one.
JohnRobinAllenRetired professor of FrenchAuthor Commented:
I cannot follow the suggestion to select multiple text boxes and then group them. I click on one text box, hold down Ctrl and click on another text box. Result: the first selection disappears. (See attached file which is the one I was working on.)

When I successfully attached numbers to persons in a group picture about six months ago, there was no border around the numbers. I do not remember how I could have done that.

Meanwhile I should award points and will do so after I post this message. Yobri gave a workable solution, so I will award 250 points for that. Bitref gave formatting suggestions that helped, so I am upping the number of points to give him/her 100 points.

I would appreciate any further suggestions as to how I could make the numbers better in the attached file.

Many thanks!


JohnRobinAllenRetired professor of FrenchAuthor Commented:
I commented on the solutions in my final post. However I am still looking for a better way to solve the problem.

That may not exist, but I am hopeful.

Brian GeeCommented:
Attached is the attached document with the text boxes having the lines (borders) removed with all the text boxes grouped to a single object.

The CTRL process to select each text box object one-by-one works, but it is a bit tedious with Word 2010 as you have to be pretty precise with clicking the border (which I have already hidden, which would make the process a bit harder now) of each text box in order for it to work. The Drawing tools in Word 2010 do not seem to be as friendly as the ones in Word 2003.

In any case, another (better) way to get all of the text boxes selected in Word 2010 is to go to the Home tab > Editing section > click the Select dropdown > Selection Pane. A new right-side pane will appear called Selection and Visibility. Here is where you can perform the CTRL + clicks to select each text box object one-by-one much more easily than on the picture itself. After all are selected, right-click on the border of one of the text box objects (in the document area this time) > GroupGroup. Now the collaborative collection of text boxes are unified as a single object that you can now right-click on the blue border (of the group frame) > Format ShapeLine Color > select No lineClose. This will remove the lines (borders) from each of the text boxes contained in the group.
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