how to determine the value of a cell

how do I write in formula
if A3 > 1000 < 2000 then this cell = 1
or if A3 >2000 < 3000 then this cell = 2
or if A3 >3000 <4000 then this cell = 3 etc ?
Europa MacDonaldChief slayer of dragonsAsked:
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zorvek (Kevin Jones)ConsultantCommented:
Something like this:


Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Are you basically trying to see how many thousands there are?  If so:

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Europa MacDonaldChief slayer of dragonsAuthor Commented:
sorry , doesnt mean much to me
Europa MacDonaldChief slayer of dragonsAuthor Commented:
no sorry, not thousands, that was just an example
Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Well, you could use nested IF statements, but I find those difficult to read and understand.  You could use VLOOKUP.

If you put these values into, say, A1:B10 on a worksheet named Lookup:

Start At      Value
-1.00E+99      N/A
1000      1
2000      2
3000      3
4000      4
5000      5
6000      6
7000      7
8000      N/A

You could then use a formula like this to retrieve the reported values:


See this file for an example of the above:


For more info on VLOOKUP, please see my article

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