How do I export Rtf to xml in delphi

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I have a need to create a rtf editor and then export the newly created rtf document as an xml document. Do you know of any VCL/com/activex component that does this or any code examples?


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You can find extensive notes and a component from this location.
There are also the already compiled applications and dlls so you can call them directly from your delphi application


will this work with Delphi?

Yes it will
1. You can call the Rtf2Xml.exe from your delphi code, this is the easiest way
2. Compile the source code into a dll and call the dll functions from Delphi
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Thank you.

I like # 2 do you have any example/sample code on how to call this DLL and its functions?

No, I dont have any examples for the dll.
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