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I shut down my linux web server a few months back because it is just not cost affective.  I moved all my customers sites to GoDaddy and have hated every day since.  Bad move on my part.

I have read several other posts suggesting different solutions but I wanted to see if anyone has a preference or suggestions on a VPS hosting company.

Thanks in advance.
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It depends on your budget and requirement.
How many IPs, hosts, what type of host(web, database?)......
List your criteria and pioritize your requirement.
Then get  quotes from 3~4 VPS providers.
Compare apple by apple or ask for the reference of those final VPS providers.

Here is the URL for the high rating VPS providers. You can start from here (make sure your requirement list is ready before comtact them).
DeacilAuthor Commented:
wesly chen,

thank you for the reply.

basically i am looking for 2 ip's and will start with a minimum of 10gb of storage.  I would like Linux (Ubuntu preferred, not a must) with either cpanel or plesk and then also MySQL.  

Ultimately from what I have seen from the VPS providers out there they are somewhat the same with the exception of Support.  I don't need much support but if I am having an issue I would like for someone to pick up the call and not rely on an email that may or may not be responded to.

Thank you again for your help.

BTW, I did not see a URL in your post.
what's your budget? that is very important to know.
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would you consider cloud hosting?
Speak of the support, it is hard to comparison. Most of the support are through email and the phone support you need to pay extra.....
DeacilAuthor Commented:
yes i would definately be willing to look at cloud hosting.  what are you thinking for a suggestion?

wesly chen,
i understand.  it isn't a must but definately a nice to have.
well do you need managed cloud hosting or would you be ok with managing it yourself?

I know of two companies that would be good. one of those isn't ready to go yet though I don't know when they will launch I've helped them with some cpanel testing, but I don't know how long it will take them to finish it ;-( they have a really awesome setup though.

the other company is inetu but they are premium cloud managed and they have awesome uptime. it's custom tailored as well. I used a lot of sites off their servers and they are fast one of those I go to every day. they have good rankings as well.

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Speaking about cloud hosting, It provides the OS on VM and you have to install most of application by your own, which you have more control on the software.
And the most of the support you can get is reboot the host (some of providers can reboot the host through UI without call the support...).
I use Amazon EC2 which is not bad.
I've been shopping for cloud myself and those two are the ones that caught my eye. I looked into others but I've heard bad things about amazon ec2 I almost got one of their cloud instances but they get DDOSed by people all the time. Plus people were using thier cloud instances to attack another hosting company!

oh and I forgot the first company they are bird hosting. (man I need more coffee!!!) LOL.
DeacilAuthor Commented:
Thank you 2 for the info.  I am checking all 3 out now.
DDOS attack? It might happen on all the hosts. Yahoo being DDOSed a lot of times.
The most important is how the prodivders handle such kind of attacks. Do they have bandwidth/traffic monitoring and alert handling mechanism?
As far as I use Amazon for a year, I've not been attacked once.
DeacilAuthor Commented:
just called birdhosting, wow!  no lady telling me to push 1 or 2... just a real person.  

still researching but wanted to say thank you to both of you for your help.  you have given me a lot of good info.

thank you
Hope you still have a good experience on EC2. let me know if you need to switch and I would be more then happy to help you! Good luck! ;-) if the going gets tough, get tougher! beef up your security and if amazon fails you grab a bucket.
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