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I tried to install Kaplan’s Higher Score on the GMAT program on my computer and it told me I had to download an MCI driver. I use Windows 7 and my laptop is Dell Latitude E6410 with high configuration. I have not been able to locate the driver on third party websites, and Kaplan’s website has no information about this problem. Where can I get the driver?

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Brian GeeCommented:
Performing more research on this, plenty of others share your pain with relatively little in terms of solutions...
Brian GeeCommented:
Please see if the fix mentioned in this thread is helpful in getting this working for you:

Is there a icon named "Talk Now Plus" on the desktop  that was created when installing?

If it is, please right click it, choose properties, select the Compatibility tab, then selecting 'Run this program in compatibility'' mode for:' Windows XP (Service Pack 2).
Try by updateing sound card drivers
Try by changing compatibility of software & run in windows xp mode

1. Right click on the icon and click on properties.
2. Click on compatibility
3. Check the box “Run this program in compatibility mode for”
4. Select windows XP and click on  apply and ok
kbasionyAuthor Commented:

I'm sorry but none of the previous solution solved the problem except that I found someone said he run this software under windows safe mode and it is worked.
I tried it and it worked with me too but without sound of course

how can I run the safemode and also the sound

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