Blue Screen Problem - Windows Vista

Dear experts,

I'm facing the Blue Screen of Death every day two two four times with no clue of the reason and how to resolve the issue.

please help.

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Do you have any logs...what does the bluescreen say near the top for the actual error?

Here is an article from Microsoft that will tell you about logs and crash dump files.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
The article didn't help Tribus.

I have previous dumps. I'll have to wait until it appears to me again to capture the first three lines errors.
when the blue screen error appears?
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kanaryAuthor Commented:
sometimes when just opening a new tab in google chrome. sometimes when running a video. sometimes when reading outlook emails. no common factor. I don't play games or listen to constant music on my HP Laptop.
I have seen video chips hearing up thAt will cause random  bluescreens show up.  If it's an nvidia chipset then it will usually mention or if it's ATI it will be whatever that driver .sys file is.

Get some airflow and check to see if the machine feels hot.

Maybe try one of those laptop fan USB things...

Still need more info though to really nail it down.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
you're close Tribus. The laptop was getting very hot in the last 4 months so i started using the Laptop Fan docking underneath it. And it worked out in cooling it a little bit.

but i still get the blue screen while colling the laptop :(
Zip the last 3 *.dmp files and attach the zip file in your next post.. They are usually in your Windows\Minidump directory and they may be hidden, so make sure you have set your folder options to show hidden files.
I was also working on a laptop recently that was getting tons of bluescreens and it ended up being bad memory chips.  All the bluescreens were random and varied, never consistent.

Try running memtest.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
Suddenly while working now, I got two bluescreens one immediately after the other. then the pc was forced to a restore point. so now i only have one dump file which is of todays date. the laptop was restored to the first of February!

memtest didn't work on Vista...

attached the dump files.
The older of the two files had something to do with the hibernation file that couldn't be created.

The new one reports the jmcr.sys file as the probable cause. This seems to be a driver for a jmicron memory card reader. Look for driver updates from your manufacturer and install them. Sometimes a BIOS upgrade could also help, but first check about the driver.
Are you running Symantec products of any sort..perhaps Endpoint Security?

You dump files seem to point to a problem with the file "ntkrnlpa.exe"

Also you can try this:

Request and download then try the following hotfix:

This update updates the generic MSFT USB drivers.

Does it solve your issue?

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I would service the CPU cooler. It might be as simple as using a can of compressed air and blow the air back through the exhaust vent.
After doing that make sure the fan still works. If the vent was clogged it is possible for a chunk of debris to jam the fan.
All so while servicing that cpu cooler put a small amount of 3n1 oil in the bearings in the center of the fan.
You may have to peel off a sticker and some times a small plug .
This will help your fan turn more freely and last much longer.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your time and efforts

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