Import CVS Unicode file into Excel 2010 problem

Please check the attached file.

It's the products listing exported from ecwid shopping cart application.

It's a csv file containing unicode (UTF-8) data. but whenever i try to open the file in excel 2010 i'm not able to distribute the columns. the data seems to overlap the other columns.

please check the file and let me know if you can resolve the issue for me.
kanary products-2011-03-30-21-39.csv
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That's not a csv format. It includes an HTML tags, it seems HTML document. You need to review the download source.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Agreed - while the file may have the CSV extention, its full of HTML tags
Rename it from CSV to HTM and open it with MS Excel.
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PS: you do not have to use Excel to open that HTM file you can use the Internet Browser for instance.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
This is not an HTML File. It's a CSV file containing html data.

The file contains products and products descriptions fields. the description field contains a full formatted html.

I need to open the file in excel so that every product is displayed in one row to be able to use the file. otherwise previewing the file in HTML is totally useless.

waiting your reply.
Difficult one really. The reason for the overlapping of columns is the length of the data.
Excel will import the data as plain text (showing all the html code)

In plain text, the data is longer than the columns so it will overlap the next empty column. If you put data in the next column it will not overlap but somme of the data will be hidden.

Are you looking for the data to be displayed using the HTML to format it or is the html irrelevant?
kanaryAuthor Commented:
The HTML is not useful to me because i want the data to be structured. I will need the data to be imported or used by some other software to be filled in another CMS system. so, having a proper structured data is very important in manipulating the data file.

and if you have a good idea about a tool that can import the file data then use it to autofill another form, then i will open a separate question for you to answer me there.

Thanks a lot.
sound like you need to strip the HTML out and just use the text.

have you tried just exporting the data in plain text in the first place so there isnt any html in it?

if not, there are loads of utils available that can strip html if you need to.
one example is but there are loads available.
The file you attached is not CSV file. It is an HTML file. The CSV (comma separated values) files normally following a specific structure which you can open using Excel, as follows:
a, b, c
1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9

Open in new window

But the file you attached is following the structure of html file. When converting the above sample to html you get:
<table >
		<td >a</td>
		<td > b</td>
		<td > c</td>
		<td >1</td>
		<td > 2</td>
		<td > 3</td>
		<td >4</td>
		<td > 5</td>
		<td > 6</td>
		<td >7</td>
		<td > 8</td>
		<td > 9</td>

Open in new window

This html will be opened by Internet Browser and not Excel, if you want readable lines.

Here is a link that provides a converter from normal CSV to html:

Once you convert the CSV to HTML it will be handled by HTML tag parser rather than CSV readers.
kanaryAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

The CSV file was open successfully in OpenOffice. Excel fails to open that CSV file totally.

OpenOffice was able to separate the columns successfully without having the HTML tags to be floated over other columns. and from there I was able to save the file as an excel file with no issues.

Thank you all for your time.


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kanaryAuthor Commented:
After many trials and searching the internet, i found that Excel won't help. only OpenOffice was able to open the CSV files successfully.
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