Outlook 2003 Auto Complete

My Managing Director is the only one in our organisation affected by this and its really beginning to be an issue now

Each time he tries to start a new email in Outlook 2003 to anybody who exists in his auto complete cache starting with a "B", Word forces Outlook to crash and I get the "Send", "Dont Send" box. I have used an .nk2 editor to prune some of the names down thinking that file size was doing it, the file is now 700k down from 1Mb. I have tried removing all the B's and manually recreating them all.

I've created him a new mail profile. Each time I get a working file, it eventually causes this issue to flare up and I have to copy a known good file in for him so he can continue working

I know that by simply deleting the file and letting him start from scratch would work but he still wants autocomplete to work as it is now.

Does anybody have a method of fixing this?

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If the file gets corrupted it needs to be recreated otherwise you'll still keep getting the same issues.  Are you sure it's autocomplete causing the issue, or is it a corrupt email address in contacts that's populating the autocomplete folder with the corrupt information (which is why it might be "ok" for awhile, then dumps once your director uses the email agian)?  It could even be the autoresolver bringing in the bogus information.

You might try one of the nk2 editors to dump a clearlist of the autocomplete file and then scan it for "odd" entries by eye.  Something with weird characters (e.g., non alphanumeric characters) is your obvious clue.

Take a look at this article http://www.timeatlas.com/Email/Outlook/Advantages_of_Outlook_AutoResolve_and_AutoComplete for a good description of how autocomplete and autoresolve work in concert.  It also has a link to a tool to export the nk2 list (so you can view it for errors), then reimport it.  This export/import round trip may seem troublesome, but it will most likely exclude bad data as most programs only error check records on initial creation.

As you've probably already seen, there are plenty of NK2 editors.  Another can be found at http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/outlook_nk2_edit.html  Your challenge though is to find the corrupt email address record causing the problem.

Most probably you have already found this link:

I'm sorry, I can not say anything new to you - that you don't already knew. Cache is just a temporary store for 1000 addresses and should be not used for address book as you use new addresses, you loose older ones. Corruption of NK2 file is quite frequent and I think you will loose less time replacing the file with new one even if you will have to type all contacts one by one.

But you can try to capture the addresses in nk2 file to address book, recreate the file and populate the file again. (product from pervious link.)

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scartwrightadminAuthor Commented:
Guys - split the points to you both as I borrowed ideas from both of you and I think both answers could be of use in future to people with similar issues.

So far, my problem has been resolved by exporting the original nk2 file and scanning for odd characters etc.. which showed it to be clean so I recreated the file from scratch and using the nirsoft application, auto populated the new file with the email addresses used over the past year.

Fingers crossed that will totally resolve the issue. Thanks for your replies :)
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