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I have a database that has multiple layouts that allow the user to navigate between one and the other. The problem I am currently facing is that I am either using 'go to related record' or run a script to do a perform find on a particular table to go to a related record in a table.  Now if a user uses his/her keyboard (windows: Ctrl + F) to perform a find, then all the records on a particular table are shown on the table, disabling the related record purpose of my database. Is there a way to disable the capability of using the Crtl + F keybord functionality on my database?
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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Yes, but it requires using FileMaker Advanced and the Custom Menus option. Essentially what you will do is create a customized version of the "View" menu. In your customized version you can either 1) simply remove the Find menu option (along with the keyboard shortcut), or 2) Change the Find menu option to run your script instead of performing FileMaker's normal Find. Using a script you can make the Find be layout dependent and respond differently depending on the layout.

To create a custom menu set, go to File -> Manage... -> Custom Menus. You need to do two things: 1) create a Custom Menu Set and 2) Create a Custom Menu for the View menu. By default FileMaker has already has a "Custom Menu Set 1" so you can just rename that to your solutions name. If you then click on the second tab for "Custom Menus" you'll a list of menus all with the word "Copy" after them. Click on "Views Copy", the  click on the "Find Mode" menu item. Click on "Override Default Behaviours" and then Change the "Action" to your script. Be sure to keep the key board shortcut.

Custom Menu sets can be applied to the entire file and also to individual layouts on a case by case basis, so you'll need to determine whether you want this behavior only on certain layouts or everywhere.
Filemaker Advanced is *not* required in order to prevent users from performing non-scripted finds.  In the user's privilege settings, set 'Available Menu Commands' to 'Editing Only' or 'Minimum' - this will disable the 'find' menu items for users with that privilege set (keyboard shortcuts for finds will also be disabled).

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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Tocacar is correct that you can disable the Find entirely using Privileges. But if you want selecting Find, via the menu or keyboard shortcut, to do a scripted action such as GTRR (go to related records), then you will need to use Custom Menus.
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