wish to create a border whereby I can show information:one transparent: one not.

I want to create something but really dont know where to start.: I want to create a page that looks something like a desktop with a couple apps open: one I want to appear like a light thin frame from which inside will appear content (this I want to be transparent): the other area I want to appear simply like a text box from which I will show content(non-transparent):
I dont have a problem with mysql or php in terms of getting content into a space wether it be between table tags. etc. just dont know primarily how to create a frame in which I can insert date: woulld this be four pics adjusted into tables??? or is there another way: 'backgrounds will be different scapes, some gif files or other format.: this link show something of what I mean but not in its staggered format...I would like to use gimp but open to anything....dont have money to spend..:have two four month old twins.: I do have gimp and an photoshop5

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Ray PaseurCommented:
You can do some of this in PHP - using the image libraries you can create transparent or semi-transparent image areas.  I am not familiar with GIMP, but you can create transparent image files in Photoshop fairly easily, and you can write on the images with PHP functions.  The PHP functions are documented here (a fairly steep learning curve, but not without its rewards along the way).

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greetings solunatec,, I looked at the page you have in your link, and I am not really sure about the "look" and effect" you want to have, however, you say-
"looks something like a desktop with a couple apps open"
I have done this sort of thing (although, I did not think of it as a desk top, but a web page that had movable and removable areas with a title bar and close X button.
Although you could use some sort of Image for the title Bar "window box" elements, this seems like it would cause more problems s than it solved? ? ?
I have used statically positioned (style as "position:absolute;") div with a fixed height and width, to have a similar effect. below is some HTML and CSS  code to show you some of the possibilities of this methods. These styled <div> boxes can be changed and altered when shown and then later with javascript. I have included some images that are used in the <div> This is the top left bar Title
<html><head><title>Fake Desk</title><style type="text/css">.fakeApp{position:absolute;top:44px;left:46px;width:270px;background:#efe;border:solid 3px #a44;}
.pop{height:150px; overflow:auto; padding:8px; background:#eDf0ff url(images3/bluswl.gif);}
<body bgcolor="#e0e0e0">

<div id="mover1" class="fakeApp" style="z-index:3;"><table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<tr><td class="br1"><img class="dmov" src="images3/titlebar.gif"width="92"height="21"/><img class="dmov"src="images3/tlbarbg.gif"width="158"height="21"/><img class="dhand"src="images3/xoff2.gif"width="21"height="21"/></td></tr>
<tr><td class="br2"><b>Box Title</b></td></tr>
<tr><td><div id="pops4" class="pop">Variable contents<br />Are here<p>to Read</p>or view</div>


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