IP blocking in wordpress

I have done it before,

but I can't find it again

- the page where you can enter IP addresses of computers you don't want adsense to count as impressions on a wordpress blog

Where is that IP blocking page?

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There is not such page on a default configuration of wordpress. You probably have/had it installed as a plugin. There are many different plugins out there, so it's a bit difficult to know for sure without knowing the name of the plugin.

However, instead of blocking by IPs, if you want to avoid counting impressions of your own visits or other admin's/author's visits, you should use a plugin that can avoid these counts on a role-based basis (I use Analyticator when it comes to Google Analytics)
There's no way to block Adsense impressions specifically in WordPress.

However, it's a setting within Adsense that allows you to block IPs from displaying the ads.  Generally it's used to prevent your own page views from counting against your CPM or CPC calculations (since you generally view your site more often than a "real" visitor.)
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I want to block the IP's of my two dev machines from running up totals of shady hits.

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I just double checked Google's Help section - all you have to do to *not* count the IPs of those machines is to login to your AdSense account from them.

Google keeps track of the IPs you login from, and doesn't count their impressions against you automatically.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
The adsense integrator allows me to ban IP addresses, but does it work?
I would assume that anything Google builds (especially in their own interfaces) would work without any question.

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beavoidAuthor Commented:
After some work, I discovered he Adsense integrator plugin has an option for this.
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