multiple proflies created in domain

We have an environment with an sbs 2008 server, two 2003 member servers, over a dozen windows xp workstations, and one Windows 7 workstation.  The network is multi city, held together by a cisco router system that conducts the various windows protocols so that you can authenticate in any city; the servers are in Dallas.  Most of the users take their laptops with to clients and then return to the office.  They remote in to the terminal server both from within and outside of the office.
Periodically a user will log in, and won’t get their regular profile.  Rebooting one or more times will bring it back.  we thought it might be due to the age of the boxes (XP), or due to the fact that we had to do a little registry manipulation to restore desktops in the new domain after the SBS 2000 server crashed hard with no chance of resuscitation.  But the Windows 7 desktop, which was introduced in the new domain (was purchased after the new domain was set up and working) has also exhibited this behavior.
The terminal server also creates multiple profiles for people.
The owner is obviously quite interested in fixing this problem.  Help!
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zazagorConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Try to recreate the computer accounts in the domain by removing the computers
and then adding them back again.

sumton1Author Commented:
i will try that.  thank you.
sumton1Author Commented:
i'm not having much luck getting the client to do this, so i'm going to give you the points and the credit.  thank you for responding and for your patience.
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