Service not load after restart


The service that runs the maintenance on the ERP is called "Tabula Task Scheduler"
For some reason, this was always a pain in the…
I want to try and get a message when this fails to load/run or to solve this issue (force the service to run)

I will also try to seek advice from medatech
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Create a command-file (bat or vbs) that runs every 5-10 min.
The command file should contain something like:
net start "Tabula Task Scheduler"


Robert-ProdigyAuthor Commented:

first i would like to know why this service is not loaded, second how can i schdule the bath file to run each 5- 10 minutes?


There are a number of reasons why services that should autostart fail to do that.
The most common is probably timing-missmatch, the service is depending on some other service
that hasn't started yet. Try increasing the debuglevel and look in the logs (eventlog).

Use the scheduled taskd in the control panel --> under advanced schedule options--> repet every 10 min.

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