Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.02 Exchange 2007. Sync contacts wirelessly.

I need to find a way to have sets of contacts synced to groups of Blackberry phones.

For instance, I may have 4 groups of contacts and 4 groups of blackberry phones. I need to assign groups of contacts to the corresponding phone groups.

This will be for hundreds of phones. It needs to be wireless and not include Blackberry desktop manager.

We have full version BES and Exchange 2007, each one installed on their own server.
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issupport1Author Commented:
Article that I found explaining how to set this up in BES:
Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

You're probably best looking at a tool which will sync contacts from master contact lists at the backend rather than trying anything via the BES itself - effectively this way, BES will just sync what is by default in the users contact list and the 'intelligence' and configuration is done at the back-end.

Suggest you look at codetwo.s Exchange Sync Product and setup 1 to many sync's between the master contact lists and the users's mailbox contacts. they have a trial version for you to try.


issupport1Author Commented:
I found the solution.
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