Windows 7 VPN Setup Failure

When attempting to create a VPN connection using the Windows 7 VPN Wizard, I can only get so far as entering the username/password. After clicking next on that step I immediately get "The Wizard Cannot Connect - Try Again".

Windows 7 Professional SP1 32-bit domain computer.
SnapGear 570 firewall/VPN server, supports PPTP and L2TP
TrendMicro Office Scan
Roaming profile is present but sync not enabled (I must have forgotten to turn it back on after doing an update of Adobe Reader which will not update if roaming profile/syc is set up.).

Steps taken to try to resolve:

1. Verified the Windows 7 Firewall was disabled for all three location types. Yes
2. Verified VPN passthrough was setup on my hardware firewall -Yes
3. Disabled TredMicro AV - Yes
4. Disabled the Windows Firewall service. - Yes
5. Tried going back to a restore point before some criticatl updates were installed. - Yes
6. Tried creating the connection with a different IP address (although I did not have another IP address to use for a different VPN server), and checking the box to not connect. - Yes
7. Verified I could ping the VPN server IP address as well as load the management interface. - Yes
8. Attempted to create the VPN connection without being connected to the Internet (to rule out the hardware firewall or incompatibility with VPN server), still failing. -Yes
9. Ran SFC and while it did find issues and corrected them, it did not resolve this issue. - Yes
10. Run Windows repair install - NO

Having exhausted everything I can think of, I am now reaching out for some more ideas before I take the route of a repair install of Windows 7. I am desparate at this point because I am oncall 24/7/365. I thought it was already set up until I discovered otherwise when I went to use it.
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
If your SnapGear is your PPTP Server, you may not set it up with VPN Passthru - that is used only if you want to forward incoming traffic to a specific IP (your VPN server).
sailciAuthor Commented:
Here is a better clarification: The Cisco SA520W is my hardware firewall on which I have set VPN passthrough. So, it goes from my computer, through the Cisco firewall, then to the SnapGear as the PPTP VPN server. No passthrough on the SnapGear.

One thing I just tried a little bit ago was to log on with a local account instead of the domain account. When I did that, the VPN setup went perfectly. So that narrows things down a bit. On my old laptop running XP, it worked fine so I know it is not a GPO issue. Could it have anything to do with the way Win7 creates/uses roaming profiles?
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I think it is more likely an issue with your non-sync'd profile.

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sailciAuthor Commented:
Good catch. When I got back to the office I checked and found I did in fact forget to turn offline files/sync back on after I had to turn it off for an Adobe install/update. I re-enabled it, sync'd, and tested. All is aok now. Thanks!
sailciAuthor Commented:
I had to disable offline files/sync due to an issue with Adobe installer not compatible with it. I thought I had it re-enabled, but that was not the case. Once syncing was suggested, I double checked and found that was exactly what happened. Thanks...
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